Hair Removal

Professional Hair Removal in Orléans for Smoother Skin

Whether you need to wear a bathing suit at the pool or a cocktail dress for a night out on the town, shaving every time you need to show a bit of skin just isn’t practical. O Paradis Esthétiques & Hairstyling provides men and women with gentle, long-lasting hair removal at our Orléans beauty parlour.


If you’ve ever tried waxing alone at home, you might think that it’s always messy and painful—but thanks to our professionals, it doesn’t have to be! Our beauticians have a gentle touch and will make sure that your experience is always as quick and comfortable as possible. Plus it’s always easier when someone else is doing all the hard work!

Upper lip $10
Eyebrows $14 and up
Eyebrow shaping $16
Eyebrow wax and tinting $30
Lips and eyebrows $22
Lip, eyebrows, and chin $25

Lower legs $25
Thighs $28
Full legs $52
Full legs and bikini $68
Half leg, bikini, and underarms $60
Half leg and bikini $48 and up
Bikini line $25 and up
Brazilian $45 and up
Underarms $18
Back or chest $65
Arms $25 and up


This permanent hair removal method involves using a fine needle to remove individual hairs. Don’t worry: it only pinches for a second, and you’re left with beautiful results! Because proper hygiene is of the utmost importance to us, a $1.50 fee is applied to each electrolysis session for a new disposable needle.

Consultation free
10 minutes $18
1 hour $75
3 hours $190

Prices are subject to change without notice. HST not included.

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